Let's Get Creative  Adults

Over this lockdown period there are lots of creative ideas for children all over the internet! Here are some that are really 'just for the adults'.
Have fun!
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Google Arts& Culture

A staggering array of arts & culture including close ups of famous paintings, virtual gallery tours, ideas and inspiration, 3D images etc. a MUST



Many of us love a jigsaw! With this collection of online jigsaws there is no need to loose the dining room table to this hobby.

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Paper Birds

The artist Johan Scherft makes beautiful paper birds. At his website you can download some to make yourself.


Behind the scenes at the V&A

Unique arts series on BBC iPlayer venturing behind the scenes at the world famous museum of art, design and performance, the V&A.

Online Learning

Ivy League Home Learning

Some of us have a lot of time on our hands. Why not develop your learning, with these free on line academic courses?

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If you have always wanted an excuse to learn knitting, or you want an old hobby revitalised have a look at this site.



The Japanese art of paper folding is clearly explained on this, very thorough, site. From very simple examples through to complex and advanced pieces

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