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Like many of us, those of us at The Artroom are concerned about the coronavirus situation. We want everyone to feel confident that they can come to The Artroom, and to be creative in as safe an environment as possible. 


This is a rapidly developing event and, no doubt, all of our responses to the situation will change. However, at the moment, The Artroom will follow the Government and NHS directives of continuing with normal activities with several positive actions to help.

At the Artroom we will be:

  • Asking if all those who come to The Artroom would wash their hands at the start of a session.

  • Sanitising all the worktables at the start of each class

  • Sanitising all the door handles, tap handles, toilet flush and chair tops at the start of each session

  • Still serving Tea & coffee. However, we will have disposable paper cups rather than ceramic ones. We appreciate that this not the most environmentally correct thing, but this will be the procedure until we have a clearer view of what is happening. If clients would like to bring their own flask of drink that would be fine.


The sheer volume of different materials and equipment in The Artroom means it would be impossible to sanitise everything. However, disposable vinyl gloves are available at all times should any client wish to wear them.


Booking with Confidence

From Monday 16th March until further notice, all classes run by the Artroom will be on a ‘pay on the day’ basis. 


This will mean that you should book for all classes online in the same way that you would normally. However, at the checkout please apply the code ‘payontheday’. This will mean you are not charged for any of the courses.


If you cannot get the online booking service to work for you, you may also book by sending The Artroom an email outlining the courses and events.


When you attend you can pay the single class’s fee (usually £13 a session) on the day. You can pay by cash (ideally), cheque, bank transfer, and very soon by card. 


If you find that you are unable to attend any of the course’s sessions due to the coronavirus outbreak then there is nothing to pay.


Fair play


To make this system work it means that a certain amount of ‘fair play’ is needed. If you are not certain you want to attend a course, please do not book as places are limited. If you find that you cannot attend due to the coronavirus outbreak please notify The Artroom before the class. Please ONLY use email for this (


This is a two-way arrangement. If, unfortunately, the venue of the class has been shut down due to Coronavirus, or the teacher finds they cannot attend, you will be contacted before the class. There will be no class run, and there will (unlike previous arrangements) be no compensation, even if the class is cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice. 


Those that have already paid up front for future classes will be appropriately refunded should the Coronavirus mean that they cannot attend a class.


It is hoped that The Artroom can remain the centre of creativity that it has been for almost five years and continue to bring pleasure and enjoyment to all who visit, even in these tricky times.