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The Artroom's response to the Covid situation

Updated 7/2/22

 To ensure that people are confident about booking courses at The Artroom we will have the following measures in place:

To help people feel more confident in The Artroom there will be  the lay out in the diagram below.   Things to note are:
  • There is  seating for up to 8 clients. in a situation where clients need to share a table they will be asked to sit on opposite sides of the table with a plexiglass screen between them.
  • The course tutor will use a moveable chair and table. Should any client wish to use the toilet facility the course tutor will move to the office area to let them pass, moving the obstruction of the table and chair.
  • clients will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival.
  • Each table will have an 'equipment box' consisting of hand sanitiser, and the equipment needed for that class.
  • all materials needed for that session will already be on the table and will have been sanitised, as will the table, chair back and plexiglass.
layout copy 2.png

In addition The Artroom we will be:

  • Alowing adult clients, to make a personal choice they wear face coverings whilst in The Artroom

  • Asking if all those who come to The Artroom would bring their own art overall (apart from children's classes)

  • no longer offering tea/coffee. Should a client may wish to bring their own refreshment in travel cups.

  • Sanitising all the door handles, tap handles, toilet and chair tops before the start of each session

  • displaying posters and reminders of the government's guidance to ensure a COVID-secure environment

  • The Artroom will be 'vented' periodically during the day.

Lateral Flow Testing

Although not obligatory, The Artroom requests that if attending a class, that clients consider taking a lateral flow test the day of the class. This would be reassuring to all those attending. The tutor will be taking lateral flow tests each day they have classes.

Book with confidence


At the moment things are very unsettled with a great deal of uncertainty in the air. For the foreseeable future The Artroom will be introducing a new ‘Book With Confidence’ Policy.


How Book With Confidence will work

If you wish to attend a class that The Artroom is running please use the online booking system to book and pay for a  a class. (If you cannot get the booking system to work then please send The Artroom an email outlining which classes you would like to attend.)


Should the Artroom be closed due to Covid related incident a full refund will be given.  Should you need to cancel your booking due to self isolation, then a full refund will be issued. Proof of covid related issues will be published by The Artroom, should this arise, and proof of self isolation would be needed for full refund.

Please note there will be no additional compensation if a class has to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus.

Methods of payment


 Payment is by Paypal or credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer  (sort code: 60-83-71 account number: 37430570) - should you wish to do this please use discount code 'PAYONTHEDAY'

No place is secured until payment received.

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