Bringing challenging and fun art activities to both children and adults in the Andover area, and beyond

The Artroom



The Artroom can offer a bespoke ‘Corporate Event’.

This could be a team building activity, giving your team members an opportunity to show their creative side.

It could be teaching a new skill that will help them realise the potential of new learning.

Taking your team members out of their comfort zone, and being creative is an excellent way to enable your team to develop new ways of tackling problems.

The Artroom can come to your place of work, or your team members could visit our art studio.

Either way, the fun and the challenge is an excellent way to develop team identity, making your business more productive and more able to reach its goals.

Each individual can be guided through their own piece of work, the team can work on a collaborative finished piece, or a combination of the two. It could be that you want artwork that based around the nature of your own business, or as an opportunity for individuals to show more of what is important to them.

The finished work is yours to keep, and putting the work on display is a good way of developing strong team spirit, and showing your customers an added dimension to your business.

Refreshment can be organised for you.

If you would like to explore the possibilities that could be offered by the Artroom, get in touch and we can discuss possible options.

Previous Events

Adam Phillips, Andover Santander's Local Business Manager, writes:

‘The Artroom allowed 8 fully grown adults to become giggly school kids once again, in a safe, friendly environment, the staff at Santander had a great evening coming up with our multi-media art projects. Thank you John for a relaxed, enjoyable evening and allowing us to create something, which we never thought we could do.’


The Artroom created a set of 17 t-shirts for the Andover 'Pink Ladies' to wear when taking part in the Run For Life, raising money for Cancer Research.