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Artbook Bounceback Community

A wonderful way to share and develop your creative abilities within a diverse and supportive community

Have a look at the video to see how it works.

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  • You can either work in your (or someone else's) Artbook for a bit every day, or put aside an hour or so every half month to be creative! It's very flexible.

  • You will sign up for a three month block (either as a one off payment of £45 or in monthly instalments of £15 - the choice is yours).

  • Although your Artbook will belong too you, other artists will be creatively expressive within your Artbook.

  • Artists that participate in ABC will have a wide variety of abilities and experiences, and will work in a multitude of different media, you have no control over how other artists will respond to the challenge.

  • Although the UK postal system is one of the most secure and reliable in the world, occasionally things do go missing.

  • Other artists working in your Artbook will take as much care as they can - however - accidents do happen!

  • If the number of artists participating drops to a level where the ABC cannot function, your Artbook will be returned to you, and there will be a refund for the months not done.

  • Due to the nature of this project, ABC is for adults only

  • You will need to keep to deadlines (I know ... not something that creative people are famous for!)

  • You can either post the Artbooks back to The Artroom (Large letter size postage) - or drop them off in person!

  • If your Artbook fills up, The Artroom will supply another!

things to think about
So, what does the art book look like and what do we get?