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Why should the adults have all the fun?!

The Artroom is pleased to offer The Artbox for KIDS for those aged 6 to 11 (although if your children are out of these age ranges we are sure with a little help they will have fun!)

Especially designed for those creative  young minds that want a bit of a challenge, but need some ideas and a bit of guidance!

In The Artbox for KIDS you will find all the materials you will need to complete four wonderful art projects brought to you from The Artroom.


Each project has an online informative and structured 'Artvid ' that will help the junior artist to produce some stunning results.

In each Artbox for KIDS you will find:

- a set of watercolour paints

- artists brushes 

- fine line black marker

- wax crayons

- watercolour paper

- cartridge paper

- pencils 

When you sign up the box will be sent by post to the young artist. Children are always excited to get a package delivered in their name - and we can have a note put inside the box if it is a gift!

In the box will be a link to the online Artvids to explain the projects they are going to do. The young artist can then use the Artvids to help them understand what they are meant to do, and how to achieve excellent results.


No adult creative input is needed - they may need to have assistance/ supervision when using the website/internet!

Each project should take about an hour (sometimes more) to complete.

When they have finished a project let us know at The Artroom (send us a photo of their finished piece) and we will write back to the young artist with some feedback on how they did with each project.

All this for just £22 a box! 

We know that many families have more than one child that will want to be creative. If the children are happy sharing the materials we can add in extra paper for £2 each child. Just order a sharing box of two or three!

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