Over an hour on a zoom meeting we are going to be looking at a series of creations ​that will, hopefully offer you a new way of looking at art. With a chance to discuss the pieces and explore the meanings it promises to be an interesting and informative hour!

All meetings are on Friday mornings from 10.00 onwards. £5

To book a place visit the online shop by clicking the images.

March 12th  Women in Art  In the same week as International Woman's Day we will look at hugely influential women artists, and their contribution to steering the history of art. 


March 19th  Protest Art  Art has be used by generations of people as a form of protest. From large sweeping pieces, to thoughtful poignant work, there has always been a place for artists in protest.

March 26th  Art as Illustration  It may be for advertising, pictures in books or infographics, but art this form of art has played a major part in all our lives. A chance to look at some of the most iconic illustrations and the stories behind them.

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