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This group is specifically aimed at young people aged 12 and upwards. Each time we meet we will tackle a variety of different projects, all to develop their artistic ability. Although optional to actually apply for the Bronze Art Award, anyone who wishes to do so will be given all the help and support they need to achieve all the different  sections.

This will be an exciting challenge and help focus our work over the weeks. 

We are not meeting at the moment. However, if you are interested in joining us when we start up again please get in touch with The Artroom - email below.

There are unique qualifications that support anyone up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in any art form- these are The Arts Awards.


Young people can gain a nationally recognised qualification (the Awards are run by Trinity College London) enabling them to progress into further education and employment. 



Arts Award has five levels, four of which (Explore, Bronze, Silver, Gold) are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Arts Award Discover is an introductory award.

To achieve Bronze young people need to complete four areas:


Take part in an art activities they enjoy. Each week at The Artroom the young people will learn new skills, develop ones they already have and explore a whole variety of artistic possibilities. We will use a variety of different media such as painting, printing, mixed media, pastel etc…, some projects will be completed in one session and some will take longer. What we do will, to some extent, be lead by the young people’s interests.


Go to an art event. A visit should be planned to one of the major London galleries.


Research their art inspiration. This may be research, and response, to an individual artist, movement or style.


Share their skills with others. The young people will have the opportunity to take part in a project where they are the teachers, and will lead others into assorted creative tasks.


Young people need to plan their work with an adviser, and keep a record by creating their own Arts Award portfolio. Their portfolio might be a folder, sketchbook, video diary or a website – it’s up to them. The young people taking part will be supported all the way!


The award should take about 40 teaching hours, and additional personal development time, to complete.


When the young person has completed their portfolio it will be marked by The Artroom Arts Award Advisor, and then externally moderated.



Successful candidates will receive a Level 1 award on the Qualifications and Credit. 

The Artroom, Andover, is a registered Arts Award Centre, and with a trained Arts Award Advisor, The Artroom can assist young people gain their awards.



There is a group working to complete their Bronze Award. To be a member of this group will involve regular lessons, a good deal of commitment, and a willingness to learn and have fun! There is no entrance procedure to participate and there is no ‘pass’ level of ability to gain the award, just to have a knowledge and understanding of what we have studied, creativity and the ability to communicate what has been learned.

Members of the group MUST be over 12 years old.

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