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(there is a catch… you must give away all you make!)


Back in 2012 an artist in the USA was thinking how on Thanksgiving Day they will spend the day with family, friends & loved ones giving thanks for everything in their lives, and the next day (commonly known as Black Friday) assorted consumer madness grips the nation in the shops and online with people falling over themselves to grasp a bargain. He wanted to fight back in a positive and caring way. He made art... and then gave it away for free!


This has now become a world-wide event with thousands of artist ‘FLOODING’ their neighbourhoods with their artworks that are left for random people to unexpectedly find it and keep.


This year The Artroom is going to take part ... and is actively encouraging all creatives to join in. You can be young or old, professional or amateur, and can create art in any media (painting, jewellery, fabric, ceramic… whatever!)


Just make the art and then on Friday 26th November leave it in a place that it will be found for someone else to find and take home!


For those that are not feeling confident about creating art, do not have the necessary resources, or just don’t know where to start The Artroom is going to hold some FREE painting workshops.


There will be no charge for the workshops. The only rule is that whatever you create at the workshops must be placed in the neighbourhood on Friday 26th for a random person to find and take home… for free!


Dates and times of the painting workshops:

Monday 22nd November 10-midday

Tuesday 23rd November 2 – 4


All materials and advice supplied… for free… so long as you give it away!

To book a place visit the online shop by clicking the "FLOOD the streets with ART" image above

- don't worry you will not be charged!

Why not visit the official facebook event page? Have a look at:

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