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Here are the videos for the 4 fab activities for you to try out! Have fun and if you send me photos of what you get up to I'd love to see them!

Funky Faces

Here is the first of your Art projects. When you are playing the video you will need to stop, start, rewind and forward ... so make sure you know how to do that before you start.

Make sure you don't muddle up the different types of paper! The very thickest is the watercolour paper (you've been given some scraps to try things on too), the medium thickness is cartridge paper, and there are some pieces of ordinary paper too!

Have FUN... and get CREATIVE!

Funky Faces

Funky Faces

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Fake Batik

 Here's a fun activity that uses Batik as it's inspiration. Batik is a fairly tricky thing to do, involving melted wax and dye to create beautiful fabrics. But we are going to use our watercolour paints, wax crayons and cartridge paper! -It's going to look fab!