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Go Draw-Clacton

A drawing festival for all

Why not have a go at developing your drawing skills by drawing every day over a fortnight? The festival starts on Monday 27th ***.


Join others who will be picking up their pencils and pens (and all sorts of other things), and following the call of ‘Go Draw!’

Just lay your hands on your free Go Draw drawing booklet (or use your own), and each day draw a picture on the given theme - it's as simple as that!

Some questions that you might be asking:

I can’t draw, how do I join in?

Everyone can draw – perhaps not as well as they would like - but they can draw! Every day there will be tips, ideas, examples and inspiration to help you along the way! Whatever you do, don't think you are not good enough - you are!


What do I draw?

Each day will have a different theme, with some examples to help. These will be published daily on line,  but you can draw whatever you want – just Go Draw!


What do I use to draw with?

You can use anything you like! Pencils, pens, crayons whatever you feel comfortable with! We always recommend that you draw in a drawing book (you don’t lose all those bits of paper). You can get a free Go Draw drawing booklet, made exclusively for this event. See below for how to order one.

Who is Go Draw aimed at?

Absolutely everyone. Even the very young can make marks on paper and there is no top age limit to drawing... it really is something that anyone can take part in.

Do I need to let you know I am taking part?

No, you can just Go Draw! 

But, it would be good to know. There will be daily themes to help you on line on the website, and on Facebook. Don't forget to share your pictures on social media! Go Draw in Clacton has it's very own Facebook page. Why not visit by clicking HERE

Do I have to draw every day?

It works better if you do! But we realise that sometimes life gets in the way of even the best intentions! Don’t worry …  just Go Draw the next day!


Who is organizing Go Draw?

The Artroom is a well-established centre for art working with both adults and children in groups and in schools and with individuals. The Artroom is delighted to be organising yet another exciting community project - Go Draw!

Can I get all the information, and the daily ideas posted straight into my email box?

Yes! You can! If you sign up to the Go Draw-Clacton mailing list. Leading up to the event there will be more information and some useful tips and advice. During the event you will get a daily email telling you about the theme for the day and ideas to get you going. CLICK HERE to join the mailing list.

Is this a competition, what are the prizes?

No, there is no competitive element to this festival. Everyone is drawing for fun, at their own level! No one is judging what you do. It is for everyone!

How do I get the free drawing book?

The drawing books are available for free. Please pop into the following venues, at their normal opening hours, to collect your free drawing book:


Many thanks to them for supporting Go Draw. (When you are there why not have a look at what they have to offer?)


Do I have to use the official Go Draw drawing booklet??

No, not at all!... just draw in or on whatever you want!... just Go Draw!

Can schools take part in Go Draw?

It is hoped that next year there will be a special Go Draw event for schools. If you are connected to a school and think you would be interested please do contact The Artroom


Have lots of fun, and challenge yourself to draw every day .. and beyond! it's going to be so exciting to see what can create this year!

Go Draw 

Set of Pencils

click here to visit The Artroom main website

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