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Go Draw Andover 

Playing Card 


After the success of Go Draw Andover in April 2021, it was obvious there was a lot of amazing talent in Andover! 


To celebrate this creativity, and to make a totally unique creative collection of images, we are making a pack of playing cards with each card being totally different and designed by members of the creative community in Andover (and friends further afield)!


52 different artists have come forward and it will be an exciting collection of designs from artists of all ages and abilities. 

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what are the guidelines for the participating artists?

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Hurrah! We are all ready to go with the designs of the Go Draw Andover Pack of playing cards!


Here are a few Q&A that will hopefully explain everything you need to know. There is a lot of information here, so take your time. If you have any questions do get in touch!


Which Playing Card do I design?

You should have been sent an email which tells you the playing card you are to design. If there is any confusion please do get in touch, we don’t want you to spend time designing a card then finding out it was the wrong one.


What can I use to make the design?

You can use any media you like. It can be painted/drawn/collaged/knitted/computergraphic….in fact anything!

I will need a scan/photograph/pngfile of the finished design. If you do not feel you can do this, we can arrange for me to receive the original artwork and I can do this for you - get in touch.


What size does my design need to be?

The finished playing cards will be width 63mm hight 88mm. However you will probably want to make your original image on a larger size. this will help:

There are two files you need. You can down load them by clicking the names of them below. They are pdf files and can be enlarged to suit the printer you have. I suggest to print them so they fit approximately on A4 size paper, print them at 275% original size (make sure you print them both the same scale). The two files are:

Card Outline – this will give you an outline that you can just ‘fill it in’ and all the proportions will be correct.

Card Safe Line – this is not the outline you create on. If you look at the file you will notice that there is a line on the card itself. When things are printed the printer often needs to slightly play with the image to make it fit the shape. If there is very important design elements too close to edge they can sometimes be trimmed off when the document is cut to size. To ensure that no vital element is cut off make sure that it is inside the ‘safe line’ see the example below.


If you would find it useful to have these templates as a Photoshop or Illustrator file let me know!


What can I have on the design?

Let your imagination go wild… or focus on what you know best. The finished design is up to you. It does not have to be Andover related, but it can be! Think about the colours you use, the style it is created and the purpose it has.


As with many projects there are some very important guidelines that must be followed. Please ensure these are followed or else we will not be able to print your card. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT about what is going to be ok, get in touch. I am very happy to see and discuss initial ideas and planning before you spend time and effort producing a card that will not be useable.


1 Do not use copyright material. In other words, you cannot use work from other artists in your design. This means you cannot incorporate images such as characters (eg:Micky Mouse, SpongeBob) or the logos (eg:McDonalds Nike) or famous images from life (eg.then monopoly man/ mine-craft), even if you draw them yourself. If you use photographs in your image (collaging etc.) make sure you took them, or they are copyright free. By participating in this project, you are giving The Artroom permission to copy your artwork for the sole purpose of this pack of cards.


2 Remember this is a ‘family friendly’ project. No profanity, nudity, or things that some may think of as inappropriate.


3 No advertising – please do not include any reference to your or other people’s businesses/organisations.


4 Be sensitive with the content. Do not include anything that is overtly political, religious or supporting a particular movement. If in doubt, please do ask.


5 By all means sign your artwork – but please, do not include any social media reference, or similar tags.


6 Ensure the number, or name, of the card and the suit are clearly visible, either as incorporated in the design or traditionally in the corners. I think the way to think about this is to ask “could I actually play cards with this card?”



What are the timings for this project?

The designs need to be finished by, and with The Artroom by 5th September I will send a reminder email a week or so beforehand. You should receive your playing cards by the end of September.


How do we get the image to The Artroom?

You can email the image as a PDF or PNG file, (at least 300 dpi) or post/deliver the original artwork to The Artroom. (email to


Can we discuss this project and what we are doing with others?

Absolutely! Tell everyone! You may want to join the ‘Go Draw Andover’ Facebook page and discuss/show progress there!


Can I purchase any more sets of cards?

Yes! CLICK HERE to head to the online shop, you can purchase more packs for £7. Remember you have already one as part of the project.


Outside the safe line -

don't do

Within the safe line -

please do this.

One Pair
All 52 Artists have signed up. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, should any artists drop out please fill in the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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