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Special Art Projects for Schools

Rather than proposing ‘set’ activities that schools may find difficult to accommodate, I would like to offer a bespoke service that would fit in to your curriculum planning.

This would enable the school to feel that the planning of an art experience was enriching and fulfilling, as well as having firm educational, curriculum foundations.

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This could take the form of 

  • Developing a whole school Art Day / week.

  • Introducing a whole school, cross curricular approach to teaching art (the National Gallery’s ‘Take one Picture’ Scheme is very good for this).

  • Individual sessions with specific Year groups.

  • Teaching of specific skills and disciplines to pupils or staff.

  • A specific art ‘project’ to focus to an event (celebration/ anniversary etc).

  • Staff INSET days (either Working with teachers to develop a curriculum/task that they themselves would teach or as a team building activity).

I will charge £150 for a day of activity, plus travelling expenses. For a consultation, or sessions that are shorter/longer than a day, please do get in touch and we can discuss the fees.


Additional Information for schools:


  • Each project undertaken will be planned so as to meet the individual educational needs of the school’s curriculum.

  • The Art & Design coordinator/class teacher will oversee planning and advise where necessary. 


  • In particular this representative will highlight any special educational needs of the children that I need to be aware of when planning the activity.


  • I will write up Project Plans showing clear objectives and a representative from the school will approve these.


  • There will be a need to have additional adult support during the project and this will be agreed to in the Project Plan.


  • This additional adult help will be responsible for certain aspects of the day whilst I am in the school (e.g. Fire Alarm Procedure, discipline of children, Sick/missing child procedure etc.)


  • I would like to have permission to take photographs of either the pupils taking part in the activity and/or finished products and so I can use them on my website or publicity material, but fully understand if this is not possible. I am very happy for the school to take photographs and use them for their website or publicity material.


  • After the Project it would be useful to take some time to evaluate the activity in the form of feed back form.


  • For a fee, I will supply all the materials needed for the art activities, unless agreed with the School’s representative and noted in the Project Plan.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibility of a special Art project for your school. 

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