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The Artroom in Andover has a regular art group that is only open to teachers in the Andover area. 


And the best bit is that it is FREE!


Why not take the opportunity to work on interesting art projects and develop your creative skills? No previous experience (or ability!) is necessary, just come along and have some artistic fun!


Classes run on Fridays from 6.00 - 8.00 


Next term's Programme will be published soon

If you wish to book a place can you please do it through the normal booking page?

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What's it all about, and why is it free?


As educators we very often forget to develop our own skills and hobbies because we are all too busy planning and preparing exciting opportunities for the pupils we teach.


At The Artroom, we strongly believe that it is important that children experience as many creative opportunities as possible in, and out of, the classroom. If the teachers in schools are enthused and excited about art, this will rub off on the children in their care. 


The classes are not designed as CDP courses. Although, as all teachers know, if you get a group of teachers together for any length of time the conversation ends up full of ideas! 


Why is there no charge for the classes? 

We just know that once enthused you will want more! And yes, The Artroom runs assorts of courses... including CDP days! All we ask is two things.... 


  •  if you book a place on a course can you honour it, and turn up. Places are limited and it would be a shame to turn people away....

  • can the whole staffroom from one school not book out all the classes? If a large number of you want to have some arty fun we could arrange a special session!