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Teachers' Art Group

All teaching staff are extremely busy! Life in a Primary Classroom is wildly active and it seems almost impossible to fit everything in. 

As educators we very often forget to develop our own skills and hobbies because we are all too busy planning and preparing exciting opportunities for the pupils we teach. At The Artroom, I strongly believe that it is important that children experience as many creative opportunities as possible in, and out of, the classroom.


If the teachers in schools are enthused and excited about art, this will rub off on the children in their care. This is why I would like to invite you to be part of the TAG (Teachers' Art Group)

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What are the benefits of membership?

  • Termly online newsletter. In the newsletter there will be practical classroom ideas that teachers just like you have tried and tested, information about art and artists, suggestions and tips to make your art teaching better!

  • 15% discount on all adult classes The Artroom runs. Why not sign up to some of the fun and challenging classes The Artroom runs? You will recieve a discount code to use for all adult classes.

  • Free to members classes. Come along and have some creative fun! It might be a bit of painting, some printing, collage or craft! Each class is different and totally free to members!

  • 10% discount for your school if it takes part in a teacher training session, or uses The Artroom for a special art activity.

  • A chance to share - when you come to events at the Artroom or read the newsletter!

How do I become a member?

  • Fill in the form below. The information you give me will only be used to let you know about things that would be useful to you as a teacher of art. You will be sent your newsletter, information about Teacher Training and information about the members' classes.

  • Send in at least one item for the newsletter! It might be some photos of a recent project that went very well (or total disasters) and a brief description of what happened.  You could tell me about equipment or materials that are too good to keep to your self.  You could even say a bit about your favourite artist or artwork.  You don't need to write a huge amount and it can be in any format. All I ask is that is you confirm that senior management is happy for you to send in photos or information about what you have done at school. Hopefully you will have successes each term that you want to share!

Sign up to Teachers' Art Group

Thanks for signing up. I'll be in touch soon. Start thinking about what you could send in for the newsletter

What's it all about, and why is it free to members?


The classes are not designed as CDP courses. Although, as all teachers know, if you get a group of teachers together for any length of time the conversation ends up full of ideas! The termly news letter is designed to spark ideas and develop enthusiasm for Art! I just know that once enthused you will want more!


And yes, The Artroom runs all sorts of courses... including Teacher Training  days!

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