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Who wants to be creative?

"It is with a very heavy heart that, like many of you, I sat and listened to the press conference given by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. 

He stated: “now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel… you should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues.”

I am therefore, sadly, forced to close The Artroom for the foreseeable future, and at least until the end of what would be the Easter holidays. By then we will have a clearer idea of what is happening.

I don’t want to put clients in the awkward position of wondering whether they should attend or not, so I am making the decision.

I know that many of you will be disappointed, I am sorry, but I hope you can understand it is not my choice. If you are halfway through a project then I will keep it safe and we can finish, should you want, at a later date. 

Don’t worry… The Artroom won’t be disappearing! As soon as we are clear as to what is happening “the other side” of the virus, a new programme will be published, and I’ll let you know by newsletter.

Over this period, I will try and work out some creative ways to be creative!

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Often when faced with adversity, we see the Arts flourish the most!"


All the best,

John Ritchie

Important announcement about how the Corona Virus outbreak is effecting The Artroom




  • Have you ever wanted to be more creative and to learn how to produce pleasing works of art?


  • Have you wanted to explore different ways of making art and to see what you can achieve with different media?


  • Is it years since you last produced anything that you might call art?


  • Are you worried that you don’t have the necessary skills and would feel embarrassed with your results?


  • Do you want to improve your art skills and move onto a new level?


  • Are you preparing for Art Scholarship or GCSE?


If the answer to any of the above is “YES” then THE ARTROOM is just for you!

We aim to give both children and adults the opportunity to realise there is an artist in all of us. 

In a fully equipped art studio, and under expert tuition, you will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a whole variety of different ways of creating amazing art creations, ones that you will be proud of, and in some cases, pieces you didn’t even know you were capable of.

It’s a wonderful way of making new friends and discovering something new about yourself, whilst having lots of fun.

Do spend some time looking at the wide variety of Adult and Child courses available. The courses will generally be during school term time, with special events for both children and adults during the holiday periods.

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