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After School Clubs

The Artroom has un many successful after school clubs in Schools. There are lots of fun and exciting things to do for the pupils in your school.

Each week we take part in a variety of different creative activities; it could be painting one week, crafting the next, printing the week after that. There is always something wonderful for the children to take home. 


Art Club runs for a full hour (in other words if school finished at 3.00 we would finish Art Club at 4.15 to allow the children to arrive and settle so they can have a full hour of art fun!)

Each session starts with a period of time where the children draw in their Busy Books ('free drawing' art books), and squash is provided.


The activity we do varies from week to week providing the participants with a range of activities. The aim is to have something to 'take home' each week, but sometimes we have 'two week projects'



Please note:

  • All materials needed for the Art Club would be provided by The Artroom.

  • The school would need to provide a suitable venue for the Club to run. Ideally this would be the same venue each week and would be a teaching room with tables and chairs and sink facility. 

  • Unless the school requires it, there is no need for a member of staff to participate in the running of the Art Club. 

  • The Artroom would need to be made aware of any school protocols and polices. These may include things such as fire regulations, behavioural issues, family circumstances that are relevant, toilet visits, etc

  • Although The Artroom teacher has 1st Aid training, it would need to be made clear where responsibilities for the children's well-being lay.

  • Procedures for 'missing children' (ie ones that do not turn up for ArtClub, and parents have not made The Artroom aware) would need to be clarified, and be in line with school policies.

  • General Artroom risk assessments, DBS certification and Public liability (£5 million) would be available for inspection prior to starting up the Art Club, and should School specific risk assessments be needed they could be completed with support.

  • Booking could be done through a school's system and then the school invoiced, or bookings can be made through The Artroom website.

  • Children would be charged £5 a session in half termly blocks. Pupil Premium arrangement could be made with the school.

  • Art Club would need a minimum of 6, maximum 20, children to operate.

If you are a member of school staff and are interested in starting up an after school art club please get in touch with The Artroom. At the moment we have Tuesday after school time slot available.

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