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The Artbox2 is a collection of watercolour projects specifically designed for those artists who have completed the projects in The Artbox, or who regularly attend watercolour classes at The Artroom.

Each project will offer a the artist a challenging and rewarding task, designed to develop their painting skills.

Sign up to the projects one at a time, with no commitment to continue, and you will be sent by post the colour print of the picture you are working on, a black and white print to use for tracing, and watercolour paper (and a scrap for colour mixing).

For each project there is an informative Artvid talking you through the project. You can follow this step by step, to help you produce a wonderful finished result. However, at this point in your painting journey you will be starting to stray from just following instructions and are developing your own style so you can use the Artvid just as a helpful guide as you develop your own piece of work.

if you have any questions or problems along the way you can contact me by email and I will do my best to help you. When you have completed your project we will arrange to have a one to one Zoom tutorial to discuss the project and how things went.

To sign up for the first Artbox2 project click on the logo above to be taken to the online shop.

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