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As we head into 2023 here is a little Art Quiz to get you thinking! 

Have fun, and don't forget to share your score!

1 Who painted 'The Fighting Temeraire'?


A   Pablo Picasso

B   J. M. W. Turner

C   Joshua Reynolds

D   William Blake


2  Andy Warhol was well known for his 'Soup Can' Pictures. Which famous person did he print 50 times over, half with colour and half in greyscale?

A   Elizabeth Taylor

B   Elvis Presley

C   Marilyn Monroe

D   Debbie Harry


3   What is hidden under the pink oval?


A    A dog

B    A child

C    A rabbit

D    A monkey


4    CIBO is a graffiti artist who uses his art in a positive way. What is the subject of most of his pieces?


A   Food

B   Clouds

C   Flowers

D   Rabbits


5   Who are The Guerrilla Girls?


A   A group of artists against sexism and racism in the art world.

B   A group of artists wanting a more positive portrayal of animals in art.

C   The nickname of a group of graffiti artists in New York.

D   A group of artists in Russia fighting for human rights.

6   Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' sold at auction for how much?


A   $382 million

B   $450.3 million

C   £300 Million

D   £37 million


7    Maggi Hambling’s Scallop: A Conversation with the Sea stands in which British seaside town?


A   Herne Bay, Kent

B   St Ives, Cornwall

C   Aldeburgh, Suffolk

D   Sandown, Isle of Wight


8    Which town on the east coast of Scotland is the subject of this painting by Edward Baird?


A   Stonehaven

B   Montrose

C   Arbroath

D   Aberdeen


9     What is the name of this painting by Edward Hopper?


A   Nighthawks

B   Night Owls

C   Late Night at Phillies

D   Together and Alone


10    What is hidden under the pink oval?


A   Some fruit

B   A bottle of Champagne

C   A musical instrument

D   A hat


11    Who painted this picture?


A   Paul Rubens

B   Rosa Bonheur

C   Francisco Goya

D   Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun


12   At the start of the New Year Father time is defeated and a new year begins. In this painting we see Father time (who has dropped his sickle and hourglass), being attacked by 3 main figures. Who are they?


A   Trust, Youthfulness, Beauty

B   Hope, Love, Happiness

C   Hope, Love, Beauty

D   Strength, Fun, Womanhood


Have a Happy and Creative NEW YEAR!

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