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The Artbox is here

Ever wanted to be able to produce beautiful and stunning watercolour paintings but have no idea where to start?
Then The Artbox is for you. 
When you sign up you will be sent your Artbox containing all you will need for five wonderful watercolour painting projects.
The box will contain a Winsor & Newton watercolour set, paintbrushes, watercolour paper, pencils, and an assortment of extra little bits that will make the projects easier to complete.
First you will be sent links to passworded pages on this website where you will be taught about the basics of watercolour painting and how to get going... as well as a few tricks to make things a bit easier!
For each project there will be a special online informative video that you can follow at your own speed.
You will have the opportunity to have regular online, one to one tutorials to make sure you are on the right track.
Each fortnight (or longer if you want) you will be sent your next watercolour project.
Each project will be carefully selected to help you develop your painting skills in a way that best suits your style and ability. 
Over the five projects you will learn how to use watercolour paints to help you produce some wonderful paintings and start a hobby that will last a lifetime.
You will get all this advice, materials, and online tutorials for the one off price of £100
If you have any questions about The Artbox please contact The Artroom at the email below.
To sign up for The Artbox click here to go to the online shop
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